Being Rock - The Book

Being Rock - The Book

“Yes, everyone needs this in their lives!”
Clara Apollo - Creative Director, Conscious Living Events UK

In our madly busy and digitally-connected world, is being heard being lost?

Someone told me I’d never sell this book because while the concept of Rock is really needed, no one knows they need it. I didn’t even know I needed it!

I wrote this book when I was struggling – I was in mental health overload. Truth is I was juggling life while trying to ‘be there’ for those around me and yet still hearing (and saying) ‘You’re not listening to me‘! Or I was super-connected through social media and yet feeling so isolated. And so began my on-going discovery of being a Rock for myself and for others.

I’ve kept it real and been super honest because we are all in this together: we all yearn for connection. Let’s reconnect with ourselves and others and restore what it means to be heard. Want to Rock your life?

“I love Being Rock! It will change peoples’ lives...”
Katherine - creative mum of two